Community Outreach

Our dream is to build a community education center (farm classroom) where we can invite students and others to reconnect with nature and learn about sustainability. We want to transform our local farm, just 10 minutes from downtown, into a community space for Jacksonville to come and learn about how their food is grown.

This year, we join One Spark with the vision of building a kitchen in our community education center. We already grow beautiful organic food -- now we seek to teach others to cook well and make healthy value-added products to sell to the community. Active sustainable agriculture, particularly on the commercial scale, is very rare in Jacksonville and the surrounding community. Our vision of a multifaceted education center includes a community kitchen where folks can both learn first hand about how their food grows, and then how to prepare it in empowering cooking classes taught by community members (or the farmers themselves). Funding will help with the infrastructure, remodeling and fees that go with constructing a commercial kitchen.

We are also looking for people to lead additional cooking classes and seminars using healthy food.

Squash Blossom
Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.
Dorothy Day